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Christian Rehab Summary If you have not been paying attention yet, read this summary. We then blame ourselves and blame others. We learn to establish and maintain successful relationships with others. Drug rehab offers the opportunity to learn new modes of behavior and new skills for dealing with the rigors of daily life. The Christian patient feels his Christian values are respected and supported. That is where drug rehab comes into the picture. We want our painful existence to improve, but keep on falling down the well. Christian rehab may also offer coordination with your church during hospitalization, and after discharge. As Christians, we are ashamed that perhaps we are not coping better with life than we are. Second, talk to someone and investigate treatment programs. It is frightening and terrifying. You know what I mean? Why choose a Christian rehab program? If available, Christian-oriented treatment programs make Christians feel right at home. Gradually, a person can drift into addiction.Substance abuse is a situation which a person has the power to overcome. It does not have to continue. In-patient hospitalization itself is actually a whole lot easier than living the life of an addict, knowing one could die at any moment from risky lifestyle and suicidal decision-making. Addiction itself is like falling down a bottomless well. Thousands and thousands of us every day want to be physically and psychologically healthy, but feel that we fall short of our goal. Reflecting on what causes it, what we need to do, and how drug treatment can assist us, is helpful for getting on the right track to recovery. The Christian in rehab feels supported not only by the compassion of the hospital treatment team, but also by his home church and the parishioners there. Other than that, it is pretty easy. We want to be responsible and self-disciplined, but sometimes just the opposite happens and we end up with addiction problems in need of drug rehab. We learn to overcome emotional problems and maladaptive behaviors. Daily life subjects us to all kinds of rigorous torture, like job stress, urban stress, marital stress, existential stress, environmental stressors, economic stress, personal achievement stress. They build on the whole foundation of Christian civilization. Our methods of coping are ineffective for curing our problems. Drug use begets more drug use. We want to be productive, contributing citizens. Third, go to a rehabilitation program. Drug rehab offers new hope. Shame and blame can contribute to addiction. We know we can no longer continue our destructive lifestyle, yet feel powerless to crawl out of the well pit on our own. We learn to become a friend to ourselves. Addiction begins quietly. First, recognize that a problem exists with drugs. How difficult is rehab? Drug rehab does require honesty and a willingness to turn ones life around. We learn new proven skills of success and when to employ them.,-Ltd.&Location=Mesa,-Ltd/CPD489,-Ltd/CPD490
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